Welcome to MyCreativeJunction – home to the blogging and blathering of a Yorkshireman 

I have a dream and that is one day to be able to write a novel that gets published. At this point the novel has been in writing for a good few years and honestly is nowhere near ever being finished, it might never be finished, I just don’t know but it’s a dream nonetheless.

I’m not claiming to be the next Man Booker Prize winner or blogger of the year but MyCreativeJunction is essentially an outlet for me to share my passion for writing and to let people see that anyone can and should, give writing and blogging a go if they want to. I would really love to give other people an outlet for sharing their work because I know there are so many people out there who are either too afraid to share their work or just don’t know how, so if you’re one of those people then please do get in touch.

This is the first website I’ve ever created so I’m sure I’ll make loads of mistakes along the way that will leave people shaking their head, the plan though is to get more right than I do wrong meaning I’ll manage to create interesting content that people will actually want to read. No promises though!

Take a look around and hopefully you’ll like what you see, please do leave me some feedback (positive or negative) either by commenting on a post, filling in the contact page or tweeting me via @mycreativejunc

I might not achieve the dream and my blog might never get read but I’ll give it a bloody good go!

Thanks for visiting,