My First of Many

So here it is my first ever blog post and just like that my minds gone blank…honestly even after weeks of thinking about it and what I want to say, it’s like all my ideas have just gone up in a puff of smoke. Somehow I don’t think a blank blog post is going to provide much entertainment so I’ll start with the basics: what do I want this blog to be about?

It’s called Unfinished & Unpublished, essentially it’ll be me jabbering on about how I’d love to be a writer along with my trials and tribulations whilst attempting to write a fantasy/adventure book. Now that might not be anything startlingly original or inspired but you never know it may go down an absolute storm. I could end up achieving worldwide recognition via the world of blogging (Highly Unlikely I know, but I’ll dream big for now). As interesting a prospect as that may be, it is not the aim, in fact if it was I could think of several ways to gain internet notoriety that would be easier and quicker than a blog about an unknown Yorkshireman and his attempted forays into the world of writing.

Subject matter vaguely established and assuming you’re not bored already and about to leave the page what else can I tell you about me, my dream and MyCreativeJunction?

I’ have an ambition that one day I’ll be able to quit my job and be a full time author. As this blog suggests this hasn’t happened so far but I’m not giving up on the dream just yet. In fact one of the main reasons why a career as an author is so appealing is the fantasy that I could spend my days sat in quite little coffee shops drinking latte, eating cake and being known as the affable man in the corner. I’m doing that just now although I’m not sat in a corner and the place is heaving and I don’t have any cake (must correct this oversight next time), still I am in a coffee shop and I am writing so I’m living part of the dream. I must admit though I didn’t quite expect to be getting so may filthy looks from people who are grabbing a coffee in between meetings, it’s not like it’s my fault I have the day off and they don’t!

So that’s the dream covered – to be a published author although I’d better add in the aim would be to actually make enough money to pay the bills. I’m not talking about being rich and famous I just mean I’d earn a similar amount to what I do now but from writing instead of the 9-5 office job.

Now the question of why I want to write this blog? After all if I spent more time writing my book and less time blogging about it I wouldn’t actually need a bog in the first place. I think the fact my book isn’t anywhere near finished after several years of wanting to and a few attempts at trying to write it is why I’m writing this blog. For me personally there are a few main reasons for creating it:

  1. It allows me to actually get some written work out into the world which in a small way makes me feel like I’m taking another step towards the dream. It gets my name out there for all to see, which I know sounds a little narcissistic but anyone that wants their work to be seen by the world has to have a bit of that about them.
  1. I’m hoping by documenting my efforts to write a book it will actually help me to get the book written by encouraging me to write more and providing a channel for my frustrations, fears and hopes (in relation to book writing).
  1. Whatever becomes of MyCreativeJunction I can at least say I’ve tried something new, I’ll have created something that hopefully I can be proud of and successful or not, it gives me a platform for my creative energies.

If asked I’d say I hope the site develops its own community and other unknown writers and artists will share their works through it but for now I’ll be content with getting a good few people coming back regularly to read my blogs about my own not really existent works and other life observations.

You might have noticed I have two blogs running under the blog heading, that’s because I wanted to separate writing about my attempts at writing a book from other general things I might want to blog about. Now I know people might say that’s a bad idea and that I should just be focussing on one blog rather than being greedy and having two but I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself so if the blogs crash and burn because of it, at least in the words of ol blue eyes himself I’ll be able to say “I did it my way”

Initially the plan is to attempt to write a couple of posts a week in between work and general life and we’ll see how that goes. If people seem to like the blogs I’ll try and post more often although that does mean I’ll run out of topics quicker!

Finally if you skipped the about me page I’ll give you a quick snippet about me:

My name is Phillip and I’m a 30 year “old” man hailing from God’s Own County aka Yorkshire. Us Yorkshire folk are known to be down to earth, friendly and just a touch bloody minded, so if that comes through in my writing I won’t apologise for it, in fact I’ll positively encourage it! You may also see something of my affection for football and dogs coming out at some point which means I’ve probably just lost the rugby lovers and the cat lady as fans. If you want to know more check out the about me page.

Ok so there we have it my first ever blog post, was it any good? I hope you liked it and will come back again as it will be my first of many.

Please do leave me some feedback (positive or negative) either by commenting on a post, filling in the contact page or tweeting me via @mycreativejunc any questions/comments/reviews will be greatly appreciated.

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